Food Sensitivity Training

Over 120+ foods are tested within the blood to determine if your body is creating an immune reaction to certain foods that may be the root cause of your health issues.

What Could Food Sensitivity Training Uncover?

Food sensitivity training will help patients uncover the underlying cause(s) behind immune and health issues. These issues include daily pain, headaches, digestive issues, leaky gut, skin health, lack of energy, and more.

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What Makes Food Sensitivity Testing Unique?

Food sensitivity testing focuses on the antibodies and cells of the immune system to understand how that bodily system reacts to the food ingested. This leads Food Sensitivity Tests to be separated into three main types: Elimination/Challenge Tests, Antibody-Based Tests, and Cell-Based Tests.

  • Elimination/Challenge Tests: Consuming foods in question after following a period of eliminating that food from the diet.
  • Antibody-Based Tests: Focus on the status and changes within immunoglobulin G with food exposure.
  • Cell-Based Blood Tests: Focus on the status and changes within white blood cells with food exposure.

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Where is Dr. Martinello’s Windsor Location?

Dr. Martinello is currently offering her naturopathic services in the Lifetime Wellness Center at 880 North Service Road, Windsor, Ontario.