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Naturopathic Flu Clinic 2019

homeopathic remedy for flu
naturopathic flu clinic windsor and essex

Annual Naturopathic Event for Windsor & Essex County

The Doctors

Dr. Kaitlin Martinello, ND & Dr. Kelly Upcott-Siebert, ND are teaming up to tackle the flu with naturopathic treatments.

You Are Invited

The event is beneficial for adults, children, seniors & pregnant women. All treatments are pain free with a reduced risk of side effects.

Why Attend the Naturopathic Flu Clinic?

The Naturopathic Flu Clinic is an opportunity to give the residents of Windsor & Essex County the tools they need to fight off the flu season! It is an adjunctive wellness program using a combination of natural medicines designed to boost and support the body's immune fighting power.

What do you get by enrolling in the prevention program? Each member will receive 2 separate doses of immune boosters administered in office, a 20 week supply of homeopathic lozenges and an immune consultation with the Naturopathic Doctors.

Lifetime Wellness Center

Friday, October 25th: 9AM - 4PM | Saturday, October 26th: 9AM - 4PM

Origins Naturopathic Retreat

Saturday, November 2nd: 9AM - 4PM (Dr. Kelly Upcott-Siebert, ND ONLY)

Loaring Physiotherapy & Health Care

Saturday, November 2nd: 9AM - 4PM (Dr. Kaitlin Martinello, ND ONLY)

homeopathic remedies for the flu

How to Attend the Naturopathic Flu Clinic

Registration is required to attend the Naturopathic Flu Clinic and the registration cost is $50 per person. However, visits are covered by most extended health insurance policies. Pick the date and location that works for you and call the selected location with one of the links down below.

Call your preferred location for details and to schedule an appointment.

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